[lug] FREE: Electrodex Plus by Rolodex

Robert Racansky robert.racansky at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 14:52:29 MST 2012

This has been sitting in the attic since the late 1990s.

I'm not sure of any practical use for a 20-year old electronic Rolodex
in 2012, but this unit still works.

manual:  http://www.franklin.com/corporate/images/manuals/el-64.pdf
(via http://www.franklin.com/corporate/manuals )

Unlike the one described below, the calendar displays the current
month and year (November 2012) just fine.


Technostalgia: The Electrodex Plus
by Ryan Oakley	

I was spending my Saturday evening looking through a local thrift shop
for owl statues when I was overcome by a sudden technostalgia. I could
not pull myself away from the abandoned and useless pieces of
electronica past. One thing in particular demanded to be purchased.

   [ image ]

This looks like it was Rolodex’s answer to the computer age. You can
flip through screen using a wheel on the side, just like how you might
flip through your rolodex. It allows you to keep a business card file,
letters to write, reminder notes –that’s mine up above– a morning
review and a monthly calander.

   [ image ]

The calendar isn’t much good. The only date I am so far able to bring
up on it is January 1989 and I doubt the Electrodex was Y-2K
compatible. Also, some of the buttons are worn out. Like zero and A.

But I like the device. The wheels are fun to turn. I wish my computer
had knobs and shit. It’s interesting to see how Rolodex attempted to
adapt their interface to computing.  This weird mash-up between the
office of the eighties and nineties gives it an unintentional
Bladerunner aesthetic.

And it beeps. I like that.

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