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The November Boulder Linux User Group meeting is coming up.

   Talk : Yellowstone, the New Linux-based supercomputer at NCAR.

Speaker : David Del Vento

   When : 7:15 p.m. on Thu, Nov 08, 2012 

  Where : Applied Trust, 1033 Walnut St, Bulder, CO 80302

          Applied Trust is on Walnut Street in downtown Boulder. It is
          the door just west of Amante Coffee.

    Map : http://lug.boulder.co.us/meetings.html

Parking : Parking on the street is free after 7pm and there are 2 public
          garages on Walnut at $1.25/hour and bike parking on the sidewalk
          in front of the office.

    Bus : Less than 2 blocks from Broadway which is served by the Skip busses.
          Less than 4 blocks from the Boulder Transit Center which serves
          almost all routes.

Summary of 'Yellowstone, the New Linux-based supercomputer at NCAR.'

Yellowstone is the latest NCAR's supercomputer and it marks many changes
for supercomputing at NCAR. As always it's the largest machine to date to
be deployed at NCAR, but it's using "commodity technology" such as x86
processors and Linux which are unusual entries for supercomputing at NCAR.
Of course a supercomputer can't be "just" commodity, so there are many
hardware and software tricks that Yellowstone has in its sleeves, and that
this talk will unveil some. Four software "tricks" may be useful to normal
Linux deployment, so you may learn something good to know even if you
don't run a supercomputer. The building accommodating the machine is also
brand new, and using the latest and greatest technology itself, so I will
describe them too.

Pre meeting food

Food will be available at the meeting location, so please show up around 6:45 pm
and join us for a bite to eat. We'll start the meeting about 7:15.

Boulder Linux User Group

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