[lug] Review copies of Mark Sobell's "A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming"

Chuck Hipschman ckhipschman at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 13:11:10 MST 2012

Hi,   I'm forwarding this email from Heather Fox, publicist for
Pearson.  She's looking for 4-5 reviewers of Mark's new book, Just
contact her and she'll send you a code to get a printed or electronic
copy.  Of course, you are expected to supply a review, but I found
this book easy to read and very useful. So get it, read it, and share
your opinion of it.  I've personally given as gifts 3 copies to people
I knew who wanted to get beyond the gui/beginner stage.

Chuck Hipschman, Boulder Linux Users Group


We are eager to recruit reviewers for the Amazon page of this new 3rd
Ed. because – unlike in the past –reviews for prior editions no longer
carry over; thus, starting from scratch.

If you know of any potential reviewer candidates (including yourself),
please introduce me and I’ll ship a review copy directly to the
individual. As well, eBook bundles (pdf/mobi/ePub) are an option- this
just requires the reader to first create a user account on our
publisher site (informit.com/join), then I send a download code.

As background, this new edition has brand new chapters on Python
(Chp#12), the MySQL database management system (Chp#13), a new chapter
on the OpenSSH secure communication utilities (Chp#17), rewritten
chapters on bash to include new information, and many new command-line
I’ve copied the contents below.
Thanks, Heather Fox, Senior Publicist & User Group Liaison
TITLE: 3rd Ed., "A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and
Shell Programming" by Mark Sobell, published by Pearson/Prentice Hall
Professional; www.informit.com/title/013308504X
-- Chapter 1: Welcome to Linux and Mac OS X (1) (Part I): The Linux
and Mac OS X Operating Systems (21)
-- Chapter 2: Getting Started (23)
-- Chapter 3: The Utilities (49)
-- Chapter 4: The Filesystem (81)
-- Chapter 5: The Shell (125)
(Part II): The Editors (157)
-- Chapter 6: The vim Editor (159)
-- Chapter 7: The emacs Editor (213)
(Part III): The Shells (273)
-- Chapter 8: The Bourne Again Shell (bash) (275)
-- Chapter 9: The TC Shell (tcsh) (369)
(Part IV): Programming Tools (415)
-- Chapter 10: Programming the Bourne Again Shell (bash) (417)
-- Chapter 11: The Perl Scripting Language (517)
-- Chapter 12: The Python Programming Language (563)
-- Chapter 13: The MySQL Database Management System (595)
-- Chapter 14: The AWK Pattern Processing Language (619)
-- Chapter 15: The sed Editor (653)
(Part V): Secure Network Utilities (671)
-- Chapter 16: The rsync Secure Copy Utility (673)
-- Chapter 17: The OpenSSH Secure Communication Utilities (687) (Part
VI): Command Reference (711) (Part VII): Appendixes (1009)
-- Appendix A: Regular Expressions (1011)
-- Appendix B: Help (1021)
-- Appendix C: Keeping the System Up-to-Date (1027)
-- Appendix D: Mac OS X Notes (1041)
-- Glossary (1053)
-- File Tree Index (1105)
-- Utility Index (1107)
-- Main Index (1111)
Heather Fox
Senior Publicist
Pearson North America – Professional and Personal Technology
Addison-Wesley Professional, Prentice Hall Professional, Sams
Publishing, IBM Press

1330 6th Ave., 35th Fl
New York, NY

D: 212-641-6539
M: 718-813-8623

Twitter: @informit; @heather_fox
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/heatherfoxlinked

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