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More data.

I was troubleshooting an iPad wireless problem recently, perhaps if the
phone is iPhone it might apply also.  Apparently the iPads do not like
double-NAT WIFI connections, so setting up the router as an access point is
preferred.  Is that your setup?

Slightly different, but also WIFI. I've done some local support on Skybeam
customers where they are on rural acreages with neighbors.  They call
Skybeam, no trouble found with their service or radios, but performance
remains terrible.  I show up, change the customer LAN addressing from the
default and it just flows.  Now, is it a WIFI radio/radio issue or slightly
upstream?  Some appear near enough, but others appear outside the range for
radio/radio trouble.  Though the former seems most likely, I have this
nagging feeling despite the MAC isolation that appears to be used on the
network.  I advised Skybeam support.  These customers typically buy only
from 2-3 brands of the popular WIFI routers from the big box stores, so the
default LAN addressing is common among 10-20 neighbors.  Plus they are
definitely sharing the same tower antenna.


Frank Whiteley

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I have a TRENDnet TEW 432BRP with firmware v2.00.19 connected via ethernet
to another wireless+ethernet router. Then I have two PCs connected to the
TRENDnet via ethernet and my wife would like to use its wifi for her phone.

The trouble is, if the PCs are off, the phone always says the wifi is out of
range, even when sitting in the same room where the router is.
When the PCs are on, it's 50-50 (sometimes the wifi is out of range,
sometimes is working). The PC always access the network fine.

Do you have any idea of what's going on? I suspected something like power
save, but couldn't find anything. Neither did Google. Do I have a defective
unit, or is it anything else I could try? I'd be eager to try something
hacky, but e.g.
http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/start#trendnet isn't supported.

Even just suggestions about keywords to Google would be good.

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