[lug] Scripting question

Paul Nowosielski paulnowosielski at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 20 20:04:21 MST 2012

Dear All,

I am trying to monitor bandwidth on a high traffic VPS web server
running CentOS 5.

When I run the scripts from the command line it works perfectly and 
gives an output like this:

Fri Dec 21 02:40:12 CET 2012

Bandwith out:

Bandwidth in:

When I run this as a cron job I get this:

Fri Dec 21 03:00:01 CET 2012

Bandwith out:

Bandwidth in:

As you can see I am not getting the output data when using cron and do 
not understand why.

Here is the commands I am running and the script I call:

/bin/date >> /root/scripts/bandwTest; /root/scripts/bandwidth.sh >> 


cat scripts/bandwidth.sh


echo "Bandwith out:"
iptables -L -v |grep OUTPUT |awk '{print $7}'
echo "Bandwidth in:"
iptables -L -v |grep INPUT |awk '{print $7}'

Could anyone on this list provide some insight into this?

Thank you and happy holidays,


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