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RMSEL, the Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning, uses a ~lot~ of FOSS. 

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This is a good time for a r3VOLution. 

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> As a parent trying to decide where to send my kids next, I've been
> horrified by many schools proudly calling themselves "mac-school" or
> "microsoft-school" and the likes.

> I've been suggested to sign this petition (which seems hopelessly
> doomed to failure, given the incredibly low number of signatures):

> https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/promote-use-free-software-our-schools-libre-office-gimp-gnu-cash-and-other-gpl-software-which-cost/T1xGw1fZ

> Please sign it and share it, maybe we do have a chance (and forgive
> me if you don't agree and/or you believe I shouldn't have posted
> something political to this mailing list)

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