[lug] Thunderbird, Enigmail, and MIME encapsulation

Jed S. Baer blug at jbaer.cotse.net
Fri Dec 21 18:18:27 MST 2012

On Fri, 21 Dec 2012 16:46:42 -0700
Quentin Hartman wrote:

> Looks like there are two PGP plugins for sylpheed, an inline one and a
> pgp/mime one. Do you have both installed?

Well, perhaps for some Sylpheeds -- perhaps Claws? The version I'm
running just uses GPGME if it's installed.

http://sylpheed.sraoss.jp/en/plugin.html doesn't list anything, which
sort of makes sense, given GPG is supported natively. I have no Sylpheed
plugins installed at all. Just did a web search and didn't see anything,
but I did find claws-mail-pgpinline searching with apt-cache. It's worth a
shot, if I can find an Ubuntu 9.10 repo. Not sure if Cannonical keeps
older stuff around, but I'll have a look.

On Fri, 21 Dec 2012 09:24:54 -0700
John Hernandez wrote:

> You may be able to make a Sylpheed action that calls gpg using the %p
> argument to pass in the message body.  Alternatively, if you can
> convince your correspondent to experiment, I think Thunderbird has a
> pgp/mime option under Account settings.

And in fact, I found this while looking for an inline plugin. The text
there implies that inline is OK. (But I still think it's a bad way to
do it.)


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