[lug] Low power servers.

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Tue Dec 25 18:56:15 MST 2012

Anyone have any suggestions for low power server hardware?  I'm familiar with the Sheeva Plug and 
Guru Plug.  I ran across a mention of Alix boards that make me think the Plugs aren't the only way 
to go.

I'd like to replace an old dual P-III with something smaller and more energy efficient.  That box 
does mail, mailing list, and web serving and I'll add a blog of some sort to the wiki that's there 
(probably using static pages).

While I'm at it I'd probably get a second one to use as a home file server.

I've heard of people using the raspberry pi for this kind of stuff but maybe they share a USB port 
for disk and network that might make performance low (but I'm not running faster than 100Mbps so 
that might not matter).  It does seem that delivery time for the pi is uncertain.

When I looked at Alix I saw some links to cases for them but I wonder whether I'd need that--I could 
hang up some sort of plastic mesh and just zip tie them to the wall (and the same for cable management).


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