[lug] How does bash "set -e" work?

Davide Del Vento davide.del.vento at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 20:20:27 MST 2013

> (Actually, that's why I started by checking the behavior on bash, bash
> --posix, zsh, dash, and the busybox shell. I wanted to see what existing
> practice was. That way, if the documentation didn't describe the behavior,
> I'd know whether it was a bash issue or a bash-man-page issue. If you have
> easy access to an AIX system, it'd be nice to test this on ksh, too.)

If you ping me after the 20th, I'll be glad to test this for you
(right now I am swamped and can't do it). Note that it also must be
before the 30th, because at that time our AIX system will go into the
trash bin.

I also think that's time to involve Chet Ramey in this discussion.
Besides knowing the answers for sure, he's pretty friendly and nice
person to talk with (as you know). Can we whitelist his address to
allow his posts on the mailing list without asking him to subscribe,
then send a message onlist cc'ing him?


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