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Davide Del Vento davide.del.vento at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 08:40:13 MST 2013

> My neighbor's only mistake, it
> seems, was clicking on a link while logged in to her Yahoo account.

Call me paranoid but I use 3/4 separate browsers and never "mix" their

1) Chrome for work-related stuff - and "work-related" means strictly hosted
by my employer. If they host something malicious, well, it affect only my
work-related stuff and many of my coworkers will share the pain, so I'm not

2) firefox with no-script for my personal accounts (which means only a
handful of trusted website, e.g. google). I do click on stuff, but
no-script aggressively prevents everything from running. Most of the time,
the static text and the static images are enough to find the information I
was looking for in that website. When not..

3) ... comes the third browser, more often than not an obscure one (in the
past konqueror, currently rekonq), which I use for "throw-away" random
browsing and does know nothing about myself and my accounts. If the website
I am looking does not work in this browser, which sometimes happens, then I
call it "crap" and it's not worth my time.

4) For more sensitive stuff (online banking and bills) I have use a
*separate* computer, with a *dedicated* account which gets used *only* for
online banking paying bills (usually with firefox again aggressively
no-scripted against everything else just in case I mistakenly click

I try to avoid online shopping, but when I cannot, I use the option 2. with
throw-away gift-cards.

Even my aging, computer-adverse mother seems to be happy with this
arrangement. It required a little education, and some discipline, but
nothing too complicated for most people (not too different than avoid
losing or being stolen your wallet in the grocery store)

See you tonight :-)
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