[lug] Looking for sweat equity partners in gaming system

George S. georges at mhsoftware.com
Fri Apr 5 14:00:52 MDT 2013

I did sweat-equity once. Then the partner decided that this was going to 
be too much like work, and lost interest. As a result, I did the sweat, 
but there was no equity.

If anyone ever asked me to do "sweat-equity" again, I would say: "OK, 
put up a performance bond for 75% of my billable rate for the size of 
the project. If you make one sale to a real customer, you get your bond 
back. If you don't, then the bond is forfeit to me."

On 4/4/13 1:52 PM, Glyn Ottofy wrote:
> Hi,
>     I am Glyn Ottofy, owner of TeamPoker.com and patent of Team 
> Gaming, and I am looking for sweat equity developers to help move some 
> open source gaming software forward for unique product release and 
> sales. Interested parties please contact me at Glyn at TeamPoker.com 
> <mailto:Glyn at TeamPoker.com> or call (970) 290-3936... I will request a 
> NDA be signed.
> Glyn
> Team Poker LLC
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