[lug] Similar to Rasberry Pi?

Vishal Verma stellarhopper at gmail.com
Fri Apr 26 11:42:28 MDT 2013


Have you checked out Minnow Board?

It is expected to release in Spring 2013, and runs x86! :)


On Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 11:30 AM, <stimits at comcast.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been toying around with all the fun things one could with the
> Rasberry Pi SBC. It's astonishing how useful this little, inexpensive
> device could be. However, what I was thinking of doing requires two
> separate USB ports (not a hub), and Rasberry Pi has only one. I don't even
> need all of the features of Rasberry Pi, I could live without video display
> (though one output which works with a computer monitor would be nice). I
> don't need networking...although it would be nice. The RTC would be good,
> but Rasberry Pi does allow adding this through the GPIO pins. Looks like
> Rasberry Pi can use a 2.6 kernel, which I would need. Audio would be very
> useful to tinker with, but not mandatory for what I'm thinking of...nice to
> have, but not mandatory. So...Rasberry Pi has everything except that second
> pesky USB port.
> I went looking for similar single board computers, and found several which
> might work. Except these are from manufacturers uninterested in publishing
> a price, or the price is in euros or pounds. Those that do have a price are
> at minimum more than $200 beyond the price of Rasberry Pi, even when they
> lack features to compete with Rasberry Pi. More ram would be nice compared
> to Rasberry Pi, but not really needed, and certainly not worth $200 dollars.
> So...is there a specific SBC to Rasberry Pi which someone here has worked
> with, having two separate USB ports...maybe even some audio or
> networking...and running a 2.6 kernel...in the $100 range? If not, what are
> the SBCs people here have used which are closest to Rasberry Pi and having
> the 2.6 kernel and dual USB ports?
> Thanks!
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