[lug] Similar to Rasberry Pi?

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A commercial SBC with FULL support is at



The dev kit is not cheap, but it will launch you into the world of a
teeny-tiny linux box.  Even does wireless.





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I've been toying around with all the fun things one could with the Rasberry
Pi SBC. It's astonishing how useful this little, inexpensive device could
be. However, what I was thinking of doing requires two separate USB ports
(not a hub), and Rasberry Pi has only one. I don't even need all of the
features of Rasberry Pi, I could live without video display (though one
output which works with a computer monitor would be nice). I don't need
networking...although it would be nice. The RTC would be good, but Rasberry
Pi does allow adding this through the GPIO pins. Looks like Rasberry Pi can
use a 2.6 kernel, which I would need. Audio would be very useful to tinker
with, but not mandatory for what I'm thinking of...nice to have, but not
mandatory. So...Rasberry Pi has everything except that second pesky USB

I went looking for similar single board computers, and found several which
might work. Except these are from manufacturers uninterested in publishing a
price, or the price is in euros or pounds. Those that do have a price are at
minimum more than $200 beyond the price of Rasberry Pi, even when they lack
features to compete with Rasberry Pi. More ram would be nice compared to
Rasberry Pi, but not really needed, and certainly not worth $200 dollars.

So...is there a specific SBC to Rasberry Pi which someone here has worked
with, having two separate USB ports...maybe even some audio or
networking...and running a 2.6 kernel...in the $100 range? If not, what are
the SBCs people here have used which are closest to Rasberry Pi and having
the 2.6 kernel and dual USB ports?


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