[lug] Talk: SELinux: What is it trying to tell you (May 6th)

anna anna.cereti at gmail.com
Tue Apr 30 13:20:23 MDT 2013

While in Boulder for a few days, *Dave Quigley* will give a talk for BLUG
and Boulder DevOps on *Monday, May 6th*

SELinux: What is it trying to tell you.

"SELinux is a mandatory access control mechanism for Linux systems found in
several main stream Linux distributions. All those fancy security terms may
be scary but in truth with a little bit of knowledge its possible to find
out what SELinux is saying to you.The talk will provide an introduction to
SELinux to help ordinary people understand basic SELinux concepts and deal
with issues that may arise during the operation of an SELinux enabled

Monday, May 6th at 6:45pm at AppliedTrust (1033 Walnut St, Boulder) for
food and talk.

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