[lug] Geek Retreat: Linux Camp

David L. Willson DLWillson at TheGeek.NU
Mon May 13 10:28:29 MDT 2013

The world needs more qualified Linux guys and gals. Have you noticed the HostGator bill-boards plastering most of Denver? Are they all over Boulder, too? To me, they mean skills shortage. To you, or your niece or nephew, they might mean a funner job.

As you may be aware, I want to lead a pack of enthusiasts into the mountains for some days in late August for an immersion-based, hands-on, pair-oriented, Linux-learning, certification-oriented experience, to additionally include Mrs. Willson's incredibly good cooking, and fresh air, and mountains. The certification target for fully-qualified professionals on this trip would be both exams of LPIC-1 (http://www.lpi.org/linux-certifications/programs/lpic-1). I don't plan to proctor the exam on-site, but if you have a contact at LPI, let me know, I'm certainly open to the option.

This is where I'm thinking of going. 
A room that sleeps 6 is $80/night, but to use that option, I'd still have to find a place to do class. Doing it in the rooms would be too crowded.
The big buildings are up to $600/night. I'd love to just book one, but that takes the risk pretty high for just us Willsons to bear alone.

Who has an idea that they're interested as a student, or knows folks that are interested? 

Would you be interested in helping to fund this adventure? Would your boss? Be aware that if we sell no seats, we lose the money. 

Would you be interested in finding a way to do it for ~free~? But please bear in mind that my intention is to finish the project on the plus side, if that's possible.

I've said this thing will happen, and it ~will~, but it'll happen better and easier if you help. My grand-mother often said, "Many hands make light work." So, offer your words and/or forward as you see fit.
Send your reply to me (DLWillson at TheGeek.NU), my SFS list (http://mailman.thegeek.nu/mailman/listinfo/sfs), or to the BLUG or CLUE list, if you suppose it's interesting to them.

David L. Willson 
Trainer, Engineer, Enthusiast 
RHCE Network+ A+ Linux+ LPIC-1 Ubuntu 
Mobile 720-333-LANS(5267) 

This is a good time for a r3VOLution.

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