[lug] Install 'Linux' on a used (i.e. refurb/cheap) Pentium computer: need help/advice

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> ...
>       One feature of my situation is that there are a lot of read errors
>       reported on the Alt-F4 screen. and I have no basis for saying that
>       they are significant vs. results of the probing for information
>       about the hardware.
> ...
> Read errors from what? If they are from a CD drive then they likely 
> have a lot to do with issues even if you have a version of linux that 
> should install fine. One thing is that some of the older media used a 
> dye which is not necessarily compatible. Same with the drives...not 
> all of the older drives handled shorter wavelengths well. If you have 
> another CD drive (assuming it isn't a HD error), try that. What were 
> the read errors?
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I think the read errors are on the hard disk. One that is particularly 
puzzling to me is grub-install hanging for a long time and then 
terminating with a message that it is unable to *read* the MBR. Why does 
it need to read it? Or does that question reveal the depth of my ignorance?

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