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>>>>>...easily visualize and grab "this from branch A and this from C and
quickly create my hybrid"---hybrid what?

 >>>>what do you mean by extend...

I create a regex to handle Client A, transaction X packed text format. 
I Modify that to make Client A, transaction Y.
Modify that to make one for Client B, transaction L
Client C customer info looks like Client A customer info (not like Client B customer info)
Client C transaction looks like Client B, transaction L.
I EXTEND my current "code base" to create a HYBRID of the two previous regexes so I have one for Client C, without starting over from scratch..

If I kept all the versions in something like Subversion, then I can get an idea of the "history tree structure" of my pieces of Regex.
This would make it easier to create new ones - can see what resembles what of client formats, etc.
I see that there are GUIs for creating or "visualizing what the heck it does" existing Regex's.

Fun tool would show "history tree" of modifications and do GUI development.
Any thoughts on tools to simplify creating complicated Regex's?

FLEX sounds like a viable alternative.  Instead of a tree of Regex's, I have that tree built into one piece of FLEX code.

Gordon Golding 

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