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Python's re.VERBOSE would help you a lot for doing this. You may even use
it to programmatically create your regex at runtime, depending on some
runtime information not available at "compile" time (in Python I should
call "write" time, but it would sound even stranger)

On Sat, May 18, 2013 at 5:03 PM, Gordon Golding <gordongoldin at aim.com>wrote:

>  >>>>>...easily visualize and grab "this from branch A and this from C and
> quickly create my hybrid"---hybrid what?
>  >>>>what do you mean by extend...
> I create a regex to handle Client A, transaction X packed text format.
> I Modify that to make Client A, transaction Y.
> Modify that to make one for Client B, transaction L
> Client C customer info looks like Client A customer info (not like Client
> B customer info)
> Client C transaction looks like Client B, transaction L.
> I EXTEND my current "code base" to create a HYBRID of the two previous regexes
> so I have one for Client C, without starting over from scratch..
> If I kept all the versions in something like Subversion, then I can get
> an idea of the "history tree structure" of my pieces of Regex.
> This would make it easier to create new ones - can see what resembles whatof
> client formats, etc.
> I see that there are GUIs for creating or "visualizing what the heck it do
> es" existing Regex's.
> Fun tool would show "history tree" of modifications and do GUI
> development.
> Any thoughts on tools to simplify creating complicated Regex's?
> FLEX sounds like a viable alternative.  Instead of a tree of Regex's, I
> have that tree built into one piece of FLEX code.
>  Gordon Golding
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