[lug] Shopping for a thin & light

Simos blug at chinesetearoom.com
Tue May 21 13:14:15 MDT 2013

> I'm considering replacing my Asus Transformer tablet and keyboard dock with
> a "real" thin & light notebook. I'm finding I don't use it for
> entertainment much anymore; That is mostly happening on my phone (Galaxy
> S3) or iPad mini. When I use it for work, I find myself wishing for
> something a bit more robust. In short, it's become the odd man out in my
> selection of devices.
> I'd like something about the same size (half-inch-ish thick, 10" screen),
> and it must be Linux friendly. I carry it daily so I can respond quickly if
> something goes Terribly Wrong with one of the systems I'm responsible for.
> I've found a couple contenders, but I was wondering if the group might have
> any favorites that I have missed.
> Suggestions?
> Thanks!
> QH


From what I'm finding, the netbook rage is pretty much over - netbooks are being
replaced by tablets and ultrabooks (at higher prices).

This is probably over your thickness & weight specs, but I just bought an Acer C7
Chromebook (mostly for my wife to carry around) on which I installed Ubuntu 12.04:


Price was a big factor for me and at $200 it was a great deal given its specs (esp.
the 320GB HD). So far it's working pretty well although 2GB of RAM and low battery
life are slightly limiting (I hear there's a 4GB & 6-cell battery model at around $250).

For info on installing Ubuntu on these things:


It's relatively painless for anyone reasonably familiar with Linux.



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