[lug] LUG Digest, Vol 115, Issue 27

Tim Singleton tims-blug at dystopian.org
Fri May 31 12:12:16 MDT 2013

I use Nextiva for SIP trunks and they have been great.
They claim that phone calls take around 82 Kbps per concurrent call, so 
3 phones lines shouldn't affect your 5 Mbps of bandwidth at all.

On 5/31/2013 12:00 PM, lug-request at lug.boulder.co.us wrote:
> I am considering setting up a FreePBX for a medical office, where phones are very important.
> Are people having good uptime with a FreePBX??
> * Is 3 phone lines with 5MB bandwidth reasonable? (I have ?cloud EMR needing 150k).
> * I believe a active voice call should only need 100k?

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