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Tue Jun 4 12:17:20 MDT 2013

I'm talking about when I ask them to delegate a domain.

The 3rd party DSL providers use unused lines at your building in
the same manner that burglar alarm companies do.  USWorst is
actually trying to shut down the 3rd party DSL business by getting
the tariff for those lines changed.  I don't know the status of that 
proposal, although with the regulatory backlash they are seeing right
now, I suspect that it is in limbo at best.  The upside to going with
3rd party is that there are more options available.

Main limitation of DSL is 15,000 wire feet (not 10,000) to the CO,
and an 18db S/N on the line.  Incidentally, it is pretty much impossible
to get USWorst to do a line test.  Instead they rely on a database 
that is rarely updated and often wrong.  It took me two months
to get them to acknowledge that my line was DSL capable!  The 
only way a real line test can get run is to get a service call
performed.  The "support" people at the DSL business office cannot
find out anything, however the line-persons at least know what a 
phone line is and how to measure the distance from the CO.

Avoid the PCI "modem" and go for the 675.  Yeah, it costs a 
couple bucks more, but its a lot more flexible and you don't have
to worry about drivers.  Plus you can see the flashing lights, which
is always a plus ;-).  The "modem" is really a simple router with
built-in NAT and DHCP, handy if you only have one host on 
your net.  Personally I don't rely on that service, instead going
for a small (/28) network and a "firewall".

I wouldn't worry about USWorst "supporting" Linux.  I've seen better
support from the hangman's noose, if you get my drift.  There's 
probably more knowledge of networking in general and DSL in
particular on this list than there is in the support centers at USW.

As for the guy at 55th and Baseline, I might have LOS to you, 
and I've been really interested in doing wireless IP experiments.
I wonder if the guys from SugarLoaf (which appears to have shut
down) have any Breezcom's lying around...

Archer Sully

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