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Tue Jun 4 12:17:20 MDT 2013

the future as well. It helps them bring more neutral authentication
across their product line (HP-UX,Linux,MPE,NT). They seem to be into
making HP-UX, NT and Linux seem like they are one big, cozy family.

Ian Hall-Beyer wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Oct 2000, Kyle Moore wrote:
> > I think a commercial LDAP solution sounds like a possible solution here.
> > Although I can't say that I have tried doing all of what you are doing,
> > I have found LDAP to be good for authentication. The issue I have with
> > it is the possible security holes. I just don't think it has been used
> > enough in the enterprise to have been refined.
> FWIW, Word on the street is that centralized authentication on Solaris is
> moving away from NIS/NIS+ to LDAP.


Kyle Moore

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