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Tue Jun 4 12:17:20 MDT 2013

it appears that the *set_disc() fxn is related to a failure to set the 
"line discipline".  My guess is that for some reason, /dev/ttyS2 is not
pointing at your modem device, or your modem has failed.  If the modem is
a pcmcia device, then it could be that it is being assigned to a different
ttySn.  This is the case with my laptop when I switch between different
pcmcia modems.  

The cardmgr tries to be smart about detecting modem UART's (sorry, I don't
know anything about CDPD modems) and adjusts my symbolic link (/dev/modem)
to point at various /dev/ttySn's where n is 0 ... 23 on my SuSE6.4 box.  
(I use a symbolic link to ease the pain somewhat in managing various app
config's which use the modem.)

Thus a 'cardctl config' (man cardctl) might tell you something.

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