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Tue Jun 4 12:17:20 MDT 2013

Host unknown (Unknown error: 275)
gethostbyaddr( failed: -1
alias database /etc/aliases.db out of date

But aliases.db being out of date is something i don't get either. It's not
showing up in the logs now, they rehashed it.  But "gethostbyaddr(xx.xx.xx.xx)
failed" is. And mail is delivering fine. There is an old /etc/resolv.conf that
contains the old entries.

> Does an nslookup return the expected MX records for the domains ? (Try
> nslookup both on your localhost and to one of your external nameserver
> entries).

I tried it from several DNS including the SOA and localhost and everything
resolved fine. MX was there. No problems. It was getting to the server and
confirmed by the logs.

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