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Tue Jun 4 12:17:20 MDT 2013

seriously.  They were incorporating source compatibility with AIX,
adding rpm as a package manager (essentially prepping for a switch from
their installp package manager), ....

I think it is just stupid advertising.  

My 00000010 bits.


"B O'Fallon"
> It seems that IBM's campaign is running afoul of San Francisco's
> anti-graffiti laws:
> It seems to me that defacing public property is NOT the way to run an
> ad campaign, and I wonder if this will do more bad than good. For that
> matter, I am not sure that the thrust of the campaign (Peace, Love,
> Linux) is creating that favorable an impression in the minds of the
> suits of corporate America. IBM seems to think that Linux would appeal
> to the ex-hippies ....
> But will it? Where are the ex-hippies in the corporate world? Most of
> the IT types I know are pretty serious about their profession, not
> aging hippies wanting to return to 1968. In fact, many of them weren't
> even born in 1968 ...
> Could this be a plot on the part of IBM to create such animosity
> towards Linux that it fails? Sort of the "damn with faint praise"
> concept?
> Or am I just paranoid? <g>
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