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Tue Jun 4 12:17:20 MDT 2013

the modems from them are not well supported, no idea on the NICs, but the web
knows. search for conexant and that device id, and see what comes up on google.

> On Fri, 27 Jul 2001, Kyle Moore said:
> > Can anyone recommend a cheap PCMCIA modem for linux? The built-in modem
> > on my Dell laptop doesn't work (I find out after that they ship two
> > different kinds labeled as 3com).

You may be able to convince Dell to send the "Actiontec" modem/NIC which is a
lucent winmodem, and does real well. (I got 52 Kbaud on it a few times).

I tried a bunch of times to get it again after I, like a dunce, sent it back
with my machine in an exchange. All 3 times, they sent me the 3com, even when I
specifically asked for the actiontec.

John Karns said:
> This isn't a direct answer, but more of a comment.  Assuming you're
> referring to a Dell Inspiron and yours is similar to mine, then FYI the
> modem / NIC mini-pci combo module in my Inspiron 8000 is a plug-in module
> accessible via a removable plate on the bottom of the machine.  It closely
> resembles a memory SODIMM and seems to be a more or less generic part
> which plugs into a mini-pci slot which is now also appearing on many
> mobo's.  My guess is that it would be replaceble, either with the
> alternate 3com module which might be obtained from Dell (my 3com module
> contains an Intel eepro 10/100 NIC and a Lucent modem chip, both of which
> have Linux modules), or with some generic modem / NIC combo available
> through retail / mail order channels.

Lucky you, I ended up buying a Xircom model minipci combo nic/modem from
"Options by IBM" for their thinkpads. It works great, except that I can't get
over about 34 kbaud.

I'm running RedHat 7.1 on my 8000. It works well, and I may finally have the 
suspend/resume worked out. I'm not even touching the hibernate yet.

> An alternative would be to purchase a PCMCIA modem card, but my experience
> has been that many of these (especially the NIC / modem combo cards)
> generate a significant amount of heat which I would prefer to avoid.

Plus battery power problems!
Good luck.


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