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This was published the other day.

AT&T Broadband has received a flurry of phone calls from customers
in the wake of the Excite at Home news, said  a company spokeswoman.
These customers are being assured that their Internet service isn't in
jeopardy.  "No matter what, now and in the future, we will
continue to provide high-speed Internet service".  It
is "too early to speculate" on how AT&T would handle a potential bankruptcy
filing by Excite at Home, which AT&T has agreed to use as the exclusive
provider of Internet service over its cable lines until June 2002.  AT&T
recently wrapped up an eight-month trial offering a choice of four
Internet-service providers over its cable lines in Boulder, Colo., and the
company plans to test another multiple-ISP service in Massachusetts later
this year.  [Print coverage elsewhere.]

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> AT&T doesn't want them from what some people are saying. But @home is
> stumbling. In any event I would think it highly unlikely that 
> AT&T would
> just let them pull the plug on it's broadband customers. There is talk
> of @home selling pieces of it's network to other providers (Roadrunner
> and MediaOne are the only two I know of in the cable business).
> At any rate nothing is for certain yet. Excite at Home just did a reverse
> stock split to stay listed on the Nasdaq, so they're still hanging in
> there. I just can't see how, with so many users, they could still be
> hurting like this. I mean, my rates just got raised a few months back.
> Prescott Oelke
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> Taz wrote:
> > What do you mean @home may go under?  Their cable or DSL service?  I
> have
> > their cable service and have been very happy.  Do you know 
> something?
> > Please share.
> The service itself is doing very well but the company is doing very
> poorly.  In fact, many in the industry have been surprised at 
> how cable
> modems have been beating DSL.
> The service will probably continue to be offered (no 
> guarantees though)
> but maybe by a different vendor (some speculate that AT&T may 
> take over,
> as AT&T already owns a large share of @Home stock).
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