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Tue Jun 4 12:17:20 MDT 2013

Package        Version       Release     Architecture

glibc          2.2.4         19.3        i386
glibc-devel    2.2.4         19.3        i386
glibc-profile  2.2.4         19.3        i386
glibc-common   2.2.4         19.3        i386
nscd           2.2.4         19.3        i386

glibc          2.2.4         19.3        i686

Would it be unwise to download glibc-devel (i386),
glibc-profile (i386), and glibc-common (i386) to satisfy
the dependencies of glibc, and in addition dowload
nscd (i386), and glibc specifically for i686 --
then freshen these packages in their own directory
invoking rpm -Fvh *.rpm?

I am very curious about the potential architecture conflict
if glibc is i686 and the rest i386.

Thank you for any input that may come my way.

David Stepaniak
davestep at

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