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Tue Jun 4 12:17:20 MDT 2013

# Lucent card support : fully functional. All the features of the
various firmware revisions work properly. 

Nate> Of course the Lucent cards can do this, since the cards in their
Nate> access points are the same cards you stuff in a laptop -- one of
Nate> my Lucent cards even came out of my now-defunct (overheated)
Nate> Apple AirPort base station...  they just won't allow the
Nate> information about how to put the cards into the right mode out
Nate> to the open-source/free world... something for the
Nate> hackingsociety (reverseengineeringsociety?) to work on perhaps?
Nate> :-)

humm... do you have any pointers to this? It looks to me like
everything is supported... 

Nate> See for an example of an interesting linux-based
Nate> application of the Prism II access point mode.  Only works on
Nate> real PCMCIA slots right now, and not via PCI/PCMCIA adapters,
Nate> but they're promising the desktop-based cards will work
Nate> soon... works in laptops now.  Bootable CD-ROM with full access
Nate> point capabilities for a Prism II chipset 802.11b card and
Nate> PCMCIA ethernet card in the other slot.


Nate> .. snip..
Nate> Of course, the security implications are kinda "interesting",
Nate> and carrier's Acceptable Use Policies might get injured in the
Nate> filming of this segment.  :-)

yeah... very true. Too bad WEP is so broken. 

Nate> -- Nate


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