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Tue Jun 4 12:17:20 MDT 2013

       -i bytes-per-inode
              Specify  the  bytes/inode  ratio.  mke2fs creates an inode
              for every bytes-per-inode bytes of space on the disk.  The
              larger the bytes-per-inode ratio, the fewer inodes will be
              created.  This value generally shouldn't be  smaller  than
              the  blocksize  of  the  filesystem,  since  then too many
              inodes will be made.  Be warned that is  not  possible  to
              expand  the  number  of inodes on a filesystem after it is
              created, so be careful deciding the correct value for this

So you'll probably have to backup the partition, make a new filesystem
on it that has more inodes, and then restore the backup.

As a temporary band-aid, are there files and/or directories in the /
filesystem that you can delete to free up some inodes?


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