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Tue Jun 4 12:17:20 MDT 2013

       Sections  may  be designated guest services, in which case
       no password is required to access them. A  specified  UNIX
       guest  account is used to define access privileges in this

So it sounds like it should be possible.  Although I've set up shares for
public access by all samba users, I've always set the server up to have an
account for each user, so I can't speak from personal experience this

Out of curiosity, I just tried accessing a "guest ok" share with w98 after
hitting escape at the w98 login prompt - effectively an anonymous login,
and it worked.  There is a smb.conf parm (should appear in the global
section) named "guest account"  where one specifies a user account on the
host from which a guest user will inherit the access rights.  Of course,
sambas access rights are masked by the access rights of the assumed user
under Linux, so you have to think about it a bit.  For testing purposes
though since most distros I'm familiar with default to setting users to
create files as world readable (i.e., umask 022), you should at least be
able read the files in most directories.

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