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Tue Jun 4 12:17:20 MDT 2013

       Sometimes the standard directories--even as augmented by Automake--
    are not enough.  In particular it is sometimes useful, for clarity, to
    install objects in a subdirectory of some predefined directory.  To this
    end, Automake allows you to extend the list of possible installation
    directories.  A given prefix (e.g. `zar') is valid if a variable of the
    same name with `dir' appended is defined (e.g. `zardir').

Ralf> Do i under- stand this right: with your solution i just treat
Ralf> the module as a binary?


Ralf> If so, what's the difference between:
Ralf>  mybin_PROGRAMS =
Ralf> and
Ralf>  bin_PROGRAMS =

The install location.

Ralf> (and is there a way to have the module installed with perms 644
Ralf> instead of the 744 for binaries).

Nope.  Though you can tweak it after the fact in an install-hook.

Automake is really libtool-centric for this sort of thing.


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