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Tue Jun 4 12:17:20 MDT 2013

around I'll hear you... the link hub repeater for that system that sends
IRLP to it is in my basement (in Centennial, CO) and the 8-element Yagi
is pointed north-west with the transmitter doing 50W into a duplexer... 

The 447.750 is on Lee Hill above Boulder and full-time linked to
Colorado's only 900 MHz repeater, 921.1 -- Mountain Top Associates,  I'm a Director and Founding Member... whatever that
means in our little toungue-in-cheek experimental radio group there. 
(Heck, I'm even the "Director of Global Expansion, like that guy from
the Good Times commercials... We're gonna be Big.  Really Big.  Heh

Other ham radio related sites I either maintain or help out with their
gear... - The 220 MHz repeater I someday hope to have on the air
southwest of Denver at about 8500' MSL. - Rocky Mountain 2003 Amateur Radio Relay League
convention in Estes Park - Colorado Repeater Association - Rocky Mountain Radio League - Internet Radio Linking Project - Cool PHP/MySQL based real-time update server for the
status of all 500+ IRLP nodes worldwide - World maps of IRLP node locations - Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Clubs

[All of the above run on Linux, of course... to keep this somehow

And some friend's stuff... - Front Range Electronic Direction Finders - Rocky Mountain Ham Radio - Rocky Mountain Amateur Position Reporting System
Virtual Users Group - Edge of Space Sciences Balloon Launch Team

Ham Radio is great...

Nate (ham call: WY0X)

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