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Tue Jun 4 12:17:20 MDT 2013

slow to handle data that the computer can throw at it.  What happens is
that using the parallel interface, the computer gets the data and then no
pages come out.  I suspect that it's because the printer loses the end
showpage command.  I have adjusted the  strobe rate using tunelp, which
helped with small jobs, but the larger jobs still get lost.  I figure with
a serial connection, it can handle the slower data transmission.


 On 16 Sep 2002, Ed Hill wrote:

> On Mon, 2002-09-16 at 19:19, Chip Atkinson wrote:
> > Greetings,
> >
> > Does anyone have any experience with setting up serial printers?  I have a
> > postscript printer that seems to get overrun with data when using the
> > parallel interface so I thought I'd try the rs-232 interface instead.
> Hi Chip,
> I can't imagine that an RS-232 serial interface will be any faster than
> the parallel port.  According to, the
> approximate max speeds are:
>   serial port: 115kbits/s (.115Mbits/s)
>   standard parallel port: 115kBYTES/s (.115MBYTES/s)
>   Original USB: 12Mbits/s (1.5MBYTES/s)
> so the parallel port should be about 8X faster than RS-232 and USB
> should be about 10X faster than parallel.  Could you switch to USB?
> hth,
> Ed

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