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Tue Jun 4 12:17:20 MDT 2013

of the structural markup languages (DocBook or LaTeX) as an
"intermediate format".  Write translators from each of your source
formats, and have them emit DocBook or LaTex.  Then, you can have
independent output chains for the different formats you want.  I
believe this is already what you have planned, but it's not quite

(Aside: as a developer, I have a personal preference for documentation
that is *not* in a WYSIWYG format, even machine-readable like PDF.
PDF still requires dedicated tools -- text-based formats allow me to
use common tools such as grep and friends.  Having good HTML or SGML
formats is therefore a worthwhile goal, even if the managers don't
think so right now -- you said this stuff is going to be used by
developers for years; make sure it's in a format that they can use

Anyway, I suspect that we're mostly in agreement on this.

Good luck,

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