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Tue Jun 4 12:17:20 MDT 2013

you know a bunch more about X (specifically XFree86) than I do.

Specifically, I am wondering if it is possible to drive two monitors
off of one graphics card at different resolutions? (I recognize that
the previous exchange was relavant to a dual graphic card configuration.)

The application is for presentations. I would like to be able to
display the presentation at 1400x1050 in my laptop display, while
driving the external display (the projector) at 1024x768. At the
moment I am stuck driving both at the lower resolution. Then I
1) let the BIOS stretch the image to occupy the full laptop screen (but it
   looks terrible)
2) only draw to a subset of the laptop screen (which looks fine, but
   smaller than it needs to be).

I think you can do what I want with Mac's. Is it possible under X/Linux?



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