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Tue Jun 4 12:17:20 MDT 2013

accessing a folder must have write permissions even to list the folder's =
contents.  Supposedly, this is part of what's been preventing my =
macintosh automount from working.

So now I either need to change what msec does or I need to store the =
home directories elsewhere.  I don't like the idea of changing the msec =
script.  If I change where I'm keeping the home directories, then I'd =
need to:
1.  find out how to get linux to treat other directories as the home =
directory so creates new user dirs in the right place =
and the netatalk ~ mapping still works.
2.  get Samba to point the special [Homes] section there (which I may be =
able to do with the path statement?) if changing it for the whole system =
doesn't work.

If I symlinked /home/GARCOSCHOOLS to some other directory like =
/data/Users and changed permission on /data/Users would msec still make =
a change?  Is there a better way to handle write permissions so netatalk =
allows directory browsing?

Any tips or ideas would be most helpful.

Thanks again,

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