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Tue Jun 4 12:17:20 MDT 2013

a client filter.  It seems that they saw the same problem (filtering in
the MUA) I did, but they solved it ;-)

>> Furthermore, IMAP and POP are not mutually exclusive (though the
>> common practice of POP clients to delete seen mail from the server
>> certainly interferes with optimal use of IMAP).
> True.  But I don't think POP it turned on on my server.  Also, I'm not
> sure  how possible it is to use the POP to move a message from one
> folder to  another on the server.  I know you can do it with IMAP, and I
> don't think  you can do it with POP.

I was trying to illustrate that the sensible place to do the filtering is
at the MDA, not to encourage you to try to do it in an IMAP /and/ a POP

>> Ideally you want to refuse as much SPAM as possible at the transfer
>> phase then have the delivery agent junk the rest.
> Sure. I _want_ to do that, but unfortunately I don't control the mail
> server but I do control my workstation.  Since I can't get spam
> filtering  earlier than my workstation I'll do it there.

This gets to the root of the confusion.  When I see "IMAP" standing alone
it means IMAP server to me.  It is now clear to me that you mean (what is
to me) client filtering using IMAP folders.

I didn't get that you don't have access to the server.  Do you have /no/
access, or only unprivileged access?  If you have a user shell you can
still  do MDA stuff in many cases . . .


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