[lug] WARNING! My Yahoo email account was hacked this morning!

David Frye dafr at dafr.us
Sun Jun 9 13:21:52 MDT 2013

Yahoo! is now offering two factor authentication which is helpful to prevent this from happening. 

You can also check to see where the intrusion may have happened by accessing your Account Information and then viewing the Recent Login Activity. There is also a Manage App and Website Connections where you can disassociate any unknown devices or apps from your account.

It's highly encouraged that you add your mobile number to your account and confirm or update your personal questions as ways to recover the account if you ever can't get in. Your phone number is secure and will not be used for any other purpose.


Disclaimer: I work at Y!, but do not speak for them here.

On Jun 9, 2013, at 11:48 AM, Dru Whitledge wrote:

> Hmmmm. this of all places is where I would hope for some more detail. Most folks on this list are pretty techie and some terminally techie types who could help us all avoid the threat of what got you.
> So, I assume that YOU also got an email with the -- "subject line "Enjoy!" and surely you didn't click on an unknown executable, but it got you anyway? Help us understand how it might get us. Have you identified what exactly did get you?
> Mucho thanks,
> Dru
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>> Subject: [lug] WARNING! My Yahoo email account was hacked this
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>> Hi All: This morning, my Yahoo email account was hacked. I believe that a bogus
>> email that appears to have been sent by me with the subject line "Enjoy!" and just
>> an attachment has been sent to everyone in my Contacts list. So I am sending out
>> this warning - please don't open the attachment in any emails from me that just
>> have an attachment! My apologies for this inconvenience!
>> Best regards,
>> Gail
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