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A question for the hardware types - I have an HP Color Laserjet 1600 (so
it's 5? years old) and it looks like it's losing magenta. I just put in a
new cartridge but the supplies page still shows it fading to the left and
all prints look off. I've shaken the cartridge, hit the printer with
compressed air, etc. No joy.


Any ideas? E.g., is it probably something in the printer fading, e.g., a
heating or electrostatic element? Or is it something that should be easy to

If the printer is dying is anyone interested in buying some HP
1600/2600/3600 cartridges?  The magenta is new, the black cartridge is at
80%, and the other two cartridges are around 50%. I already had a new
printer in mind but the cartridges are incompatible.



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