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They say there's still hope because the crew may have been able to go
on a raft, bring food and water supplies and survive till now.

They've looked hard, trying to find recent hi-res imagery and radar
data. They've asked Google, http://skytruth.org/ (which is amazing,
but that's a different story) and they eventually got some recent
hi-res images from DigitalGlobe (if my understanding is correct). Now
the problem is they can't analyze that data and they are asking for
manual, crowdsourced help (see below).

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Dear Michael, Brian and Joe,

If we are indeed talking about the schooner Nina, I have been in contact
with some of the friends and family of the missing crew for the past
week.  DigitalGlobe has tasked some imagery collects over the Tasman and
we are gathering more imagery right now.  We have launched the Tomnod
crowdsourcing platform to engage the public's help in covering this huge
search area. If you would like to contribute -- or share with others who
would -- please go to:


If you have any better estimates of the likely drift area, feedback on
the crowdsourcing platform or other suggestions, please get in touch.

Luke Barrington

Tomnod / DigitalGlobe

On Fri, Jul 26, 2013 at 7:21 PM, Chuck Hipschman <ckhipschman at gmail.com> wrote:
> In case you missed this.
> "Recovered unsent text provides hope for families of crew lost at sea."
> http://texasequusearch.org/
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