[lug] Mailing lists/forums for embedded?

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FYI, what I'm thinking about is either atom or ARM. Format of single 
board computer or computer on a module; the PC104 seems to show up a lot
 as a way to get extra features. 

For basic device requirements, 
preferably dual or quad core, with several USB 2 ports (I plan to modify
 drivers), and audio capabilities (by this I would prefer 7.1 hidef, but
 could use AC97/5.1, or even stereo, along with the ability to do some 
FFT on it). A single ethernet port would work, but dual ports I can put 
in bridging mode would be great. Ideally I could run RTlinux, but any 
linux would do (e.g., android). Trouble is that I have way too many 
questions, and am not even sure if I know what the right questions are.

So...what mailing lists would be the place to go to get hardware advice on this?

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There are several people on this mailing list who do embedded work, fwiw.
Also, if I knew more about your target, I might be able to point you at more stuff.  If, for example, you're looking at ARM-based platforms, there's a good local Linaro presence.

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I have a lot of questions regarding embedded development under linux. Do any of the people here have a recommended mailing list or forum for asking questions on this topic? Especially hardware questions.


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