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Davide Del Vento davide.del.vento at gmail.com
Tue Aug 27 21:08:18 MDT 2013

> So you use your
normal SSH or whatever login, and then your second factor is via your
> phone.

Thank for the recommendation, but I hate this.

I (relatively) often travel to Europe and getting a phone (both handset and
SIM/number) that works well everywhere and therefore I continuously switch
(and curse carrier, standard committees which do not make "standards", and
handset makers). Carriers keep switching what they do: for example my
European SIM card which used to work ok in the US in one particular
handset, now cannot roam on any US carrier in that handset (basically is
dead). The same SIM card in a different make/model phone works fine (and a
different SIM card from a different carrier works fine in the first
handset). The problem is that now this second handset (in which the
European SIM card works in the US) does not support ANY of the European
bands and my mental workflow is screwed: I used to grab/associate the first
phone with that European SIM card together, bring it to Europe and use it
there without any problem, bring it here and use it here with just poor
service and high roaming costs. Now it's continuous switch the SIM card,
wonder what holy crap you have inside, hope it works and it's the one you
want. A mess. Anything that relies on phone gets a huge
NO-I-DONT-WANT-TO-EVEN-KNOW-WHAT-THIS-IS from me. But thanks for trying ;-)

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