[lug] Malware refuge?

Davide Del Vento davide.del.vento at gmail.com
Wed Aug 28 14:06:50 MDT 2013

> So, is Linux still, and likely to stay, a safe haven't from Malware where
> I could avoid all this crap? Are there wrapped installers doing this same
> crap on Linux? Is there a fast and efficient way to determine (or almost,
> sort-of determine) that a cheap quick utility like MP3gain (or it's
> utility) is available for the Linux platform and a way to get it where I
> won't stumble while jumping through Malware hoops?

Yes it is. You can install most software from the official repositories of
your distribution of choice and those are 100% clean. If there isn't the
software you are looking for, or the version is too old, you can compile it
from source, which is pretty straightforward (unlike in windows). And those
are unlikely to have any malware. I'm sure if you look hard you will find
and come install some malware, but not as much as on Windows.

Now, will you find the software you need? I have no idea. I personally am
not satisfied by the software I have/use on Linux, but maybe that would be
the same on Windows/Mac and we can start a philosophical argument about me
not being satisfied by anything: following my example, my 5yo has started
cursing at the GPS and the car because of their defects :-)

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