[lug] web site advice needed

Davide Del Vento davide.del.vento at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 14:50:48 MDT 2013

> My experience hasn't mirrored yours. I suppose "painless" is a relative
> term.

For me "painless" in this context is something that (among other
things) I can do in my spare time. Which means sometimes I have the
time, and sometimes I haven't. I won't feel good to say to my friends
or family: no I can't go out to dinner with you because I have to fix
this broken website.

In hindsight and for me, that project clearly was not something that
should have been done as a spare time project. To contrast it with
something concrete: studying and doing homeworks meeting the deadlines
for coursera.org classes is perfectly fine as a spare time project,
mainly because the schedule is known in advance, I can plan
accordingly and what I do doesn't end up in a "broken" status
(super-worse case I don't meet the deadline, don't pass the final and
will get another chance a few months later). Not to mention relations
with others (e.g. forum posters or website readers) waiting for me to
fix something. With the blog/forum, you don't know how many people
will show up and when, same with security issues, same with hosting
problems, etc. You might get lucky or not. And Murphy's law guarantees
that you'll be unlucky when your available spare time is the least.

But if your spare time is quantitatively and qualitatively good and
comes in regular, abundant intervals, maybe that's good enough for

Good luck,

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