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karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 3 15:48:16 MDT 2013

i wanted to start a new thread related to a recent one here.

i've worked on both drupal and wordpress sites on my own webservers in the past.  so i know the ins and outs (and headaches involved with both - mostly maintaining updates).  the stuff isn't rocket science but maintenance is tedious and ongoing.  someone i know wants me to set up a basic wordpress site for them now.  however i'm no longer running my own servers so i have to find a company that hosts wordpress sites.

i want this to be as easy as possible for me to setup and then for the other person to perform updates / backups once i turn the thing over to them.  which is to say i don't want to have any involvement once i set it up.   

can anyone recommend any good wordpress hosting companys based on experience?  


1) i don't want to install from scratch (no vms).  i want something with some kind of control panel whereby the company that provides the hosting understands wordpress and has added some value add on top of the service to make updates / backups idiot proof.  in fact, if they somehow can handle all updates magically and just provide a wordpress instance and db and allow me to drop in custom templates, that would be even better.

2) we don't need any crazy bandwidth.  this isn't going to be a slashdot capacity website and the truth is 99% of websites never see that kind of traffic anyway.    so very low bandwidth requirements.   

3) trying to find something simple and cheap(est possible).   low bandwidth reqs should bring the cost down.  some maintenance effiency value add might bring it up.

that's about it.

one other twist:

4) i believe wordpress org or com itself might handle hosting of the type i'm talking about and it might even be free  which might just simply nip this thing in the bud.  but if i go that route (or something like blogger.com.. which i'm not sure is wordpress but some google cms platform), can i seamlessly point my domain via dns to my site on these services so that it looks like a stand alone domain / webiste and not like a jackass child of the service with the parent domain name embedded in the url?

thanks in advance
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