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yeah .. wtf is a happiness engineer ;)   the fact that you have a happiness engineer presumes that people are unhappy to start with ;)

thaks for the info.  the fact that this service is "hidden" kind of bugs me though.  i'm not "happy" when companies hide the happiness.  you're well on your way to becoming a happiness engineer it seems  ;)

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>> 4) i believe wordpress org or com itself might handle hosting of the
>> type i'm talking about and it might even be free  which might just
>> simply nip this thing in the bud.  but if i go that route (or something
>> like blogger.com.. which i'm not sure is wordpress but some google cms
>> platform), can i seamlessly point my domain via dns to my site on these
>> services so that it looks like a stand alone domain / webiste and not
>> like a jackass child of the service with the parent domain name
>> embedded in the url?
>Google bought Blogger from Pyra labs quite a while ago. It isn't
>You'd think they'd mention it at http://en.wordpress.com/features/ -- but
>the implication is that yes, you can point your domain there:
>"TIME, CNN, TED, Boing Boing, and TechCrunch are all hosted on
>But you'll have to dig for it. Maybe it's a non-free extra.
>Shouldn't be hard to discover: "Whether you’re searching the forums,
>reading our support pages, or chatting with a Happiness Engineer, you can
>always find a helping hand."
>Happiness Engineer? That right there is enough to keep me away. :-P
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