[lug] web site advice needed

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 3 16:58:00 MDT 2013


a) you wouldn't happen to recommend a specific wordpress single-sign on plug-in would you?  i've been away from it for awhile and things change.

b) also, does it only integrate with SMF (which i've never heard of) or other third party oss forums like phpbb, etc?

c) finally, one thing that's easier about drupal right out of the box - at least the last time i checked anyway - is the ability to create multiple users and lock individual pages / posts down on the fly to users and groups who have to sign in.  iirc, with wordpress out of the box, pages are either public or private but locked down only a global level.  either you're logged in and have total access to *all* pages if private or you don't see them at all.  which means you need a plugin to lockdown pages on an individual user basis.  any thoughts?


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>Robert Racansky wrote:
>> Are there any recommendations for blog and forum software that I should
>> use?
>Are there any packages which your web hosting company supports? Wordpress
>is very easy for blogging, particularly if you're able to just go to your
>cPanel (or whatever they use) and click the Wordpress button.
>Same thing for forum software. The one I see most used is Simple Machines
>But there are other considerations. For example, do you want a single
>sign-on for the blog and the forum? There are plugins for Wordpress to do
>a forum.
>Hmm, I note that http://arduino.cc/ has a SMF forum and Wordpress blog
>with single sing-on.
>Were I to return to blogging, I'd be looking very much at Octopress, but
>I suspect that wouldn't fit for most people. And it's something you'd
>have to decide on first, and then look for a host providing git.
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