[lug] speaking of wordpress : hosting recs

gary at romerohub.com gary at romerohub.com
Tue Sep 3 18:02:56 MDT 2013


I'm sure I'll get flamed here but I've used (The Evil) GoDaddy for just what you're describing here fairly successfully for some customers. The pricing is pretty cheap if all your hosting is a WP blog.

1) i don't want to install from scratch (no vms).

-GoDaddy has a really simple WP setup and includes a "quick" setup plugin though I always find it easier to just

2) we don't need any crazy bandwidth. 

-The Economy Package is pretty cheap and includes unlimited bandwidth so thats not really a concern.

3) trying to find something simple and cheap(est possible). 

-Their web management includes email updates whenever patches for WP are available.

4) i believe wordpress org or com itself might handle hosting of the type i'm talking about and it might even be free.

-The real issue with wordpress.com hosting is the limitations on plugins. If you want any, you really need to host your WP somewhere else. Also, when you host your own, the modification of themes seems to be a lot easier (though not impossible at wp.com)

If you do look at GoDaddy be aware of one thing: Their economy hosting is cheaper than their packaged WordPress hosting and you basically get the same thing. Using the Economy would also allow the addition of forums or anything else you may need on a more basic website.

Gary R.

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