[lug] speaking of wordpress : hosting recs

Simos blug at chinesetearoom.com
Tue Sep 3 18:05:08 MDT 2013

Hi all,

I've been hosting with Dreamhost for years (though nothing serious) and, for the
price, I'd recommend them. Pretty much everything is "unlimited" unless you start
using huge amounts of disk, bandwidth, etc. Their custom panel is pretty good
and they are indeed mostly friendly (and sort of folksy...) when I've had to deal
with them. However, don't expect any industrial level hosting - they often have
problems (see http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/) that they eventually resolve
but it may take them a bit (or a while). I guess it's a classic case of you get
what you pay for, but you won't get cheated for the money you'll be paying.



> 1 - I don't know about their outbound stuff beyond what's listed there.
> When I worked with a site that was hosted with them ~7 years ago that blew
> up bandwidth-wise they dropped us an email that basically said, "woah man,
> what's going on with your site? If this is going to be normal we need to
> talk." It was all very cordial, and the site owner came to a reasonable
> agreement with them. Not sure what the current state of affairs would be.
> 2 - I stopped hosting my sites w/ Dreamhost a couple years ago when I
> lucked into a friends & family rate at a colo (1U, no power reqs, and
> "don't be a jerk" bandwidth limits for $40 a month? yes please.) and setup
> my own box. I only host DNS with them now. That said, at the time I used
> them last, if you go with their basic hosting all the typical admin tasks
> you mention can be done via their control panel. It was all pretty slick. I
> had no downtime problems with them at all, and would still be using them if
> hadn't gotten my colo deal setup. More info on them:
> http://www.dreamhost.com/partners/wordpress/

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